Friday, August 29, 2008

Get them to Eat

I thought this was a great idea to get your kids to eat more
than just chicken nuggets and hot dogs.
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fish Bone Slivers

A word of caution while eating fish...

One night as I was doing story time before bed and eating Meal #6-Talipia with seasoning salt- I suddenly felt a sharp poking sensation in the very back of my throat. I mean way back there, past the dangly thing. Every time I tried to talk something would jab my tongue as it went back. Oh my goodness!!! I have a fish bone stuck in my throat. Well that sounds normal, but this wasn't just stuck this was like a sliver, it was in the skin. I could stick my finger back and it would poke the end of my finger.
So, naturally I got my emergency preparedness book out and read the rules for getting a fish bone sliver out of the back of your throat.
1- gurgle water- doesn't work
2- keep sticking your finger back there and gagging for 20 minutes- doesn't work
3- If number 2 didn't work have your husband try- hillarious, but didn't work either
4-Tweezers- it was too far back
5-Wait it out- hurt too bad, I couldn't even turn my head, it would jab me.
5-scrape the back of your throat with your finger nail, while gagging, until you get it out. Finally SUCCESS!
After an hour of thinking I would pathetically have to go to the ER for a fish bone sliver, I was relieved of pain and had escaped a pretty embarrassing moment at the ER.
Word to the wise, chew your fish carefully!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What was I Thinking!?!?!?

Okay, so I want a six pack. Eat healthy, workout, eventually you'll get there, is what I had told myself. Boy, was I wrong!

I now have a new respect for anyone with a six pack.
Six Pack=
1) eating 16 chicken breasts/weekly.
2) 20 cans of tuna a day
3) Fish at 9pm (and then staying up til midnight digging a fish bone out of the back of your throat, a story for another day).
4) 8 hours of cardio every day.
5) You're not allowed to get dressed, you have to live in your smelly gym clothes that are a reminder of how gross you still are, and have a long way to go.
6) 18 egg whites at 5am with dry oatmeal and a splash of vinegar for some flavor (mine as well, that's how gross it is)!
7) Choke down protein powder after a workout.
8) Lift weights until you can't move, but if you're not crying yet, keep going!

And then do it all again tomorrow!

Don't forget your supplements:
Branch Chain Amino Acids
Multi Vitamin
Crack Cocaine
Red Bull
Vitamin E
Joint Support
Beta Carotene Carb blocking fat burning hunger indusing capsules

Dang it! I always forget water. You must strap a Camelback on you at all time, even during sleep and drink constantly, you must consume as many gallons as pounds you weigh. I have set up a bed in my bathroom, it's not so bad considering I get home from the gym at midnight and am back there at 5am.

I can't wait for my 6 pack! Got to go eat some fish before bed! Fish and B.O. are a major turn on in the bedroom, by the way!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bed Wars!

Last night going to bed: "I'll get up at 5 am and get a full 2 hours in at the gym. Come home shower, clean, answer e-mails, and be ready to go when the kids get up".

5 AM-beep, beep, beep!!! Snooze, 5 minutes later, beep, beep beep!!! Snooze.
This continues for an hour. I'm thinking, GET UP! GET UP! My bed is saying, "But you haven't got a good night's sleep for 4 nights, your neck is a little soar and plus you can go during John's lunch". Last snooze at 6:15, 'Ope too late to go to the gym anyway, and I turn it off'.
Grant wakes up 15 minutes later and my plan for sleeping in is destroyed. I suddenly feel defeated by the warm, snuggly, inviting bed. It has once again deceived me into missing out on a great morning. I hate you, BED!!!
Hope you have had your perfect morning.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dream Crushing Tuna

As most of you know I am training for a Body Building Figure Competition. I have to eat a rediculous amount of protein. Last night as I forced myself to open a can of tuna I was disappointed to find that there was only a third of the normal portion that a can of tuna should contain.

This was my letter to Starkist Tuna:

I recently purchased Chunk Light Tuna from a local Albertson's. Tuna is a necessary staple in my diet for a body building figure competition. Tonight as I forced myself to consume my last portion of protein (1 can of Tuna) I was greatly discouraged when I opened the can to find less than half the tuna that the label claims to contain. I measured it and sure enough it was only 1/4 cup tuna. The label clearly states that 1 can contains 2.5 1/4cup servings. I rely on starkist tuna to help me achieve my goals. Now I'm discouraged feeling that I should have measured the contents of the past several cans of tuna. Not consuming the right amount of protein is a large detriment to my success. I am working harder than ever before to obtain this goal and Starkist has let me down. I feel I should be compensated considering now I have to go back to the store and get another can of Tuna to complete my protein consumption. 1 can of Tuna normally isn't a big deal at all but, when it takes everything you've got to make yourself consume it and to find out that all along it may not have even been enough is crushing. I hope you will understand and choose to support me in my journey to success.

This was my best attempt at midnight trying to be dramatically funny.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Camping Rookies

Shooting 22's, I loved it!
I actually could shoot what I was aiming at.

McKenna's first time shooting a gun.
I didn't shoot a gun until I was 24.

Quite the Daddy Daughter moment!

Hiking like the Indians.

Hiking like a good Dad with HUGE muscles.

Muscles got tired.

We went with two other families.
Kenna thinks she should be 7 years old on her next birthday.

Codee didn't want to leave. She was in Heaven!

Grant, as usual, just went with the flow.

I have more pics coming! Stay tuned.