Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just too Cute


This is my pathetic attempt at photography with a camera phone.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where is my Husband?

Here are 5 things you can do to make your wife think crazy things:

5. Have a hot secretary= Wife visiting office more often looking her best
4. Have more girls than guys as friends on Facebook= Wife starts internet monitoring
3. Wear Cologne to a "Guys night out"= You will be followed
2. Tell your wife about dreaming of her best friend= Wife hating her best friend and mad at you all day.
1. Leave on a business trip with sick kids, no heat, snow and ice, and DON'T CALL SINCE NOON and DON'T ANSWER YOUR PHONE!= Is he dead?!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Low Carb Meal Plan

Meal Plan for Low Carb Day

Many of you have been asking me what I eat on my Low Carb Days, so here it is:

Meal 1 Pre Workout- Protein Pancakes
Meal 2 Post Workout- Protein Shake with 1/2C. Oatmeal
Meal 3 5oz. Ground Turkey (Taco Style) over shredded lettuce
with Salsa and 1/4 C. LowFat Cottage Cheese
Meal 4 5oz. Grilled Chicken Breast w/ chopped veggies+ 10 Almonds
Meal 5 5 oz. Chicken w/ salad and steamed veggies+ 10 Almonds
Meal 6 5oz. Fish (Frozen Mahi Mahi filet)
cooked with Lemon Pepper on a pan+ 10 Almonds

Family- My family loves the ground turkey made with Taco Seasoning
They love the Grilled Chicken, and I'll make potatoes, rice,
baked beans, or chips for an extra side.

Crazy for Coupons!

It was Double Coupon Week at KMart a week ago.
I got all this for $3.33!

Sick- Snow- No Heat- No Husband!

So ridiculous! We have all been so sick all week. Hacking coughs, stuffy noses, fevers, puke, pink eye, GROSS, GROSS, GROSS. Then Sunday night it got even better! The furnace went out and it started snowing. The temperature outside was 0 and inside it dropped below 50. John left for a work conference at 3am and I was left with 2 kids coughing under a heated blanket with the humidifier running and sick myself. Isn't life so much fun sometimes!?

Just Random Pics

Grant love the "Ruby Cube" just like his Dad.

Our Christmas.