Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our "Grandpa Jack"

I was told by the previous tenants that he was a grumpy old man. Just to take what he said with a grain of salt and don't be offended. He called himself a "Jack Mormon". So, I was advised to not bring up the church with him.

We passed by each other the first few times, until one day we were getting into our cars at the same time and he introduced himself. McKenna got out of the car and walked right up to him, reached out her arms to give him a hug, he picked her up and that was the beginning of "Grandpa Jack."

He kept us inline on our watering schedule. He gave me a hard time when he noticed I didn't get to the gym first thing in the morning. In the Summer he would be out doing yard work when I got back from the gym at 7am. He gave us a handwritten list of all the new Blue Ray movies he had, so we would come over to borrow them. Every time he got a new movie he would update us. I would never here him knock on the door, so he would finally just open it and come in.

One night Grant and I went over to borrow a movie and we hung out in his movie room for a while. He played the opening ceremony of the Olympics and talked about his high tech movie/TV gadgets.

McKenna and I helped him bring in some grocery's a week before Christmas, his tree was beautiful. We kept trying to bring him some Christmas goodies the week of Christmas but, never found him home.

Last night, his car was parked out front, so I went over to drop off his Christmas goodies. I was saddened, and shocked to learn that he had passed away on December 26th, after spending 10 days in the hospital.

We truly loved our Grandpa Jack. He will be greatly missed.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa and Sushi

We went to Sushi last night with our friends, Nicole and Tony.

Kenna's idea of dressing for snow:
Ballet skirt, panties, boots, gloves, hat, and silky shirt.

Classic Santa at the Mall

This season has been wonderful!
A real Tree, packages from Grandma's,
Cards from friends, Santa at the Mall,
Christmas movies everyday. Christmas crafts with friends,
lots of Parties and of course too many sweets.

I only have 4 more days to go until I can have CHOCOLATE!
If you happen to have any extra from your stocking send it my way, I will be trying to catch up from my 1 year off of chocolate. I DID IT! (but, HIGHLY, do not recommend it)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thank you Grandma's!!!

Grandma Pratt made these cute hats for all of us!

Kenna loves her new boots from Grandma Lisa.

So cute in their new clothes!

We love you Grandma Lisa, and Great Grandma Pratt!