Friday, October 30, 2009

Loving my new Workout

I started the new workout, Insanity, about 4 weeks ago.

It is the best thing I've done yet, even better than marathon training.
I feel like I almost have my "pre marriage" body back

You got to try Insanity!


also known as shell said...

damnit marcella why can't i be you!

you're body is insane! I have less than 4 months until I go on that cruise so I'll have to try that workout out.

also known as shell said...

by the way I didn't mean to swear at you. I meant to say "dayum" because that sounded funner... but it came out damnit. my apologies :)

kathryn said...

wow. marcella. that is hot. i'm buying this. 60 days? could i do it? and your picture is after 4 weeks? you look AWESOME!

Marcella said...

You have to also know that I started just eating way less than I normally do. No crazy diet, just don't think about food anymore.

kathryn said...

I've been trying to do major portion control. Just training my stomach to feel full with less food. My problem is sugar cravings at 2 p.m. every day. It's so hard to not eat sugar while my kids are napping! I try to stave it off by promising myself a home made chocolate milkshake on Sundays. So far this week I've already cheated. Twice. Then I threw away the leftover Halloween candy and it's better. Anyways, you are always an inspiration. Seriously. Make sure you call me next time you're in Utah! We miss you guys!

cortney and neil said...

Hey so I just wanted you to know that I have been thinking a ton about you. If you ever need a friend give me a call. I am not even going to pretend to understand what you are going through. But I do know how scary and lonely it is to start over. Let me know if you need anything.